No Spend Challenge!!!

We completed our first ever No Spend month in January. What an experience!

Things I learned:

  • Eating out during the week for lunch adds up! Normally I would grab something out about 1-2 times a week. So I was spending $20/week or $80/month on lunch!!! Before the challenge I didn’t think of my lunch habit as a big deal at all. Good news is that it has been 6 weeks & I haven’t had lunch out yet this year!
  • It helps to reset your spending. Spending money on my health is a priority which meant that I was spending upwards of $100/mo on supplements prescribed my naturopathic doctor. To be honest I’m not sure that they were improving my life. With the No Spend month I started using up my supplements & once one ran out I decided if it was something that I could tell was impacting the way I felt. So far I’ve only added one supplement & found an inexpensive drug store version of another.
  • I thought my husband was the person who spent the most discretionary money 🤔 It was shocking to find that he wasn’t…I was! By nature I’m the saver. He’s the spender but now I realized that that isn’t always the case. He had a much easier time not spending during Jan. Most of the purchases he makes are for projects around the house & with the challenge he worked on using things he already had at home to do.
  • Little purchases do indeed add up! $5 here & $10 there over the course of a month matters.
  • Eating through your pantry & freezer feels really good! Less clutter & more chances the food will not go bad because we found food we had no idea existed in the feeezer.
  • Challenges like this can be fun! We were more creative & thought of it as a game that we could no doubt win 😊

We we were able to save $250 in January due to the No Spend Challenge!!! So excited to make an additional payment on our vehicle 🚘 loan!!! 

So far Feb. unintentionally has been a No Spend month as well. We’ve only purchased necessary items but if we purchase the occasional item we aren’t going to beat ourselves up over it.

Goal: Striving for intentional purchases with life balance. 

Have you completed a No Spend challenge? What did you learn? Did anything surprise you? Would love to hear about your experiences 😊


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