Feb 2017 Financial Update


~Every time you borrow money, you’re robbing your future self~

The month started out well with no non-necessity spending until around the 15th of the month. Then we traveled to Minneapolis for a doctors appointment & along came with was one night in a hotel, meals out & one trip to a home store. We were thoughtful of our purchases & considering didn’t spend a ton. We had a good time though & made it into a little winter getaway 🙂 I’m learning to balance saving & enjoying life too!

1) Pay off vehicle loan by August 2017.

Balance of loan Oct 2016 $4860
Feb 1,2017 $3150

March 1, 2017 $2340

Husband “found” $400 this month…he intended to deposit a couple checks a while back & found it in between his car seats. Happy Day it was! 🙂

I am SO excited to share that we will crush the original goal of August 2017!!! New planned payoff will be at the end of March! Waiting for our tax refund & looking forward to being debt free excluding mortgage.

Steps 2-4 will be completed after the vehicle loan is paid off.

2) Change husband’s 401k contributions from 8% to 10%. Mine is currently at 10%.

3) Then slowly increase both of our 401k contributions to 15%.

4) Start paying down our mortgage faster so that we can be totally DEBT FREE! Currently we purchased a home Sept 2015 on a 15 year mortgage so we have approx. 13 1/2 years left!


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