I’m back! Life Updates

~Progress, not perfection

Hello! It has been almost two years since my last post!!! 😁 What’s been going on?!?  How are we doing financially? Did we move? What are our new goals? Let’s catch up!

My husband and I are in our mid 30’s and I use this as my safe place to keep myself motivated and on track. Since my last post we have moved back into town. We chose not to move to another metropolitan area as we didn’t feel like the job markets are as good as were we live and the move didn’t feel “right”. We purchased a home with a 20 year mortgage and that is our only debt.

The things that are going well:

A) One year of expenses saved in our emergency fund

B) Contributing 12% to 401k (both myself and hubby)

C) 20 year mortgage $178,149 remaining at 4.125%- starting mortgage $192,500 (Sept 2018)

Things that have changed:

A) Hubby recently (this month) decided to transition his side hustle to a full time job.   In addition he has started a new part time job that provides benefits (health insurance, 401k, etc) so we won’t have the added expense of adding him to my benefit plans. Benefits start after 6 months so we will be holding off on contributing to his retirement until then.

B) We will be living on less income. End of story. Just kidding, it’s true but we will make it work! 🙂

I will create a separate post on updated goals as with life this is a work in progress  and if I don’t submit this post I’m afraid I might change my mind in posting since it has been such a long time!

Thanks for reading this if you did 🙂 The goal post will be up soon!








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