Mortgage Free at 40

imageWelcome to my first post!

I’m so excited you are visiting 😄My husband & I are 33 years old with no kids.

We have been followers of both Suze Orman in the past & more recently Dave Ramsey. The reason for the blog is to help keep ourselves accountable.

1) Pay off vehicle loan by August 2017. We will be DEBT FREE!!!!

2) Change husband’s 401k contributions from 8% to 10%. Mine is currently at 10%.

3) Then slowly increase both of our 401k contributions to 15%.

4) Start paying down our mortgage faster so that we can be totally DEBT FREE! Currently we purchased a home Sept 2015 on a 15 year mortgage so we have approx. 13 1/2 years left!

I will be updating the blog with our progress so come along for the ride!