Goals!!! And other financial updates…


Trust the wait. 

Embrace the uncertainty. 

Enjoy the beauty of becoming. 

When nothing is certain, anything is possible.


Yep, I skipped June’s update but I’m back to keep myself held accountable. June ended up being a month where I wasn’t so rigid on the budget & it showed. Since paying off our vehicle loan in March 2017 & increasing our 401k contributions to 12% I felt a little lost. Not gonna lie we enjoyed the money we spent in June. We went on a day trip up north & went out to a nice restaurant for my husband’s birthday along w/another meal just because. It was enjoyable & eating out is something we don’t do all that often so it felt special.

However, it feels like we’re in a financial slump. We haven’t fallen behind but in June we weren’t really getting ahead much either. We loosely stayed within budget but had only $200 to add to savings (A normal month would be more like $700-900). The lesson learned is that we always need goals to make progress in life, no matter how small.

The hard part that both my husband & I struggle with is if we should move, where & when. We currently live in a spacious updated 1903 two-story home that we both love. We like the community that we live in but the one downside is the commute. I drive 60 miles a day (35 mins each way excluding winter) & husband’s commute is a little less (25 mins each way). We live in North Dakota where the winters can be treacherous driving (land is very flat so blizzard like conditions are not uncommon). We would rather not move closer to town because we would lose the serenity of why we live where we live, if that makes sense. So our plan would be to move to another metropolitan (medium size Upper Midwest city) which would require us to start over in a new city. We are both excited & beyond scared to make the leap. Which leads me back to needing goals to make progress in life. I’ve had my heart set on paying off our mortgage by 40 (we are 34 & 33) but if we don’t intend to stay in our home long term should we continue to aggressively pay it down? Or is there another place to put it? Our background: we are debt free (excluding our mortgage) with 6+ months of an emergency fund saved. If we continued to stay in our home we have a desire to purchase land where we would build a bare bones cabin for summer camping. I need to state that we both feel blessed to have this problem-to not know what to do with our additional discretionary money. We’ve worked extremely hard in the past ten years purchasing our first home & renovating it, getting married, traveling & paying off 70k of student loans. This was no easy task but we are grateful for our health & the opportunities that allowed us to work hard to get where we are today.

What advice would you give? We’d love any insight that you may have 😊