Financial Update-April 2017

image~Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your other three tires because you got a flat. 

The last two months have been anything but normal. I had surgery on my elbow to remove a benign bone tumor & am currently in physical therapy to regain mobility. It has been physically challenging as well as emotionally & financially. We have money set aside for the medical deductible & co-pays which is a blessing. It feels empowering to “weather” this storm. Things like this do & will continue to happen in life & we just have to plan as much as we can & let everything else happen.

As you may recall in March we became debt free except for our home.

1) Pay off vehicle loan by August 2017


2) Change both of our 401k contributions to 12%.

-Working on it! As of now I have changed my contributions to 12%. Husbands is at 8%. Hopefully this will be complete by the end of May. I had indicated in last month’s update that we were planning on saving 13% but at this time I feel a need for more wiggle room in the budget. Will adjust once I have more of a comfort level of the numbers.


4) Start paying down our mortgage faster so that we can be totally DEBT FREE! Currently we purchased a home Sept 2015 on a 15 year mortgage so we have approx. 13 1/2 years left!

-More information to come on this!




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